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I found a [black] barber out here..

I didn’t think I’d be able to find one. It’s not that I have anything against white barbers (who cut black hair), but I don’t trust those big chain places like gret cuts. I was scared because I can’t go three months with no haircut, but who could I possibly find in this small SoCal city to cut my hair?

My friend Toni pulled through because she found a place where she could get her hair done. And this place had a barber, so I knew I had to try. Sure enough, we went to the place and I got a cut from one of the coolest barbers I’ve ever met. Best part is that he’s from Chicago too!

1 note   Jun 2nd, 2012  

  1. ourlitterbox said: one of the reasons i stayed in chi for college lol!
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